Why The Explorers' Network?

Words from a World Class Mountaineer and High Altitude Medical Researcher

“Your talents for organizing travel and your experience with medical problems and altitude research are unusual skills which should be valuable to many groups going to the third world”

        Charles S. Houston, MD

Focus on the Environment

"I initiated the focus on environmental cleanup for our trip to Nepal in 1996. We've all read about 'non-impact' trips but I wanted this to be a 'positive-impact' trip. Repeated access by trekking and climbing teams to peaks throughout the world has resulted in an environmental burden which, if continued unchecked, will result in permanent damage to the mountain environment."

"With very little up-front effort we added this initiative to our itinerary, made contacts with the local pollution control center in the area in which we were traveling, collected a number of bags of garbage at our base camp, and removed them to a location several days down the trail which was better able to deal with disposal. The local people were astounded that we had made the effort to do this. I'd like to continue this sort of effort on future trips and show other groups that it can be done!"

-Greg Glade, Ecuador '95, Nepal '96

Focus on the Experience

"My experience with TEN was nothing short of phenomenal. I was fortunate enough to join a group of 15 on the maiden adventure to a fascinating corner of the world: the Himalayas. It was an experience I will forever reminisce about. The first glimpse of snow-covered giants that have inspired climbers and trekkers for a hundred years; Breakfast at an ancient monastery with Everest in the distance; the beautiful Nepali people and their tireless spirit; standing a top a 20,000 foot peak; doing my part in cleaning up trash at base camp and most importantly, the friendships I built with my team members and the Nepalese hosts and guides."

-Travis Cote, Vermont
Khumbu region, Nepal '96

Focus on the Travel

"As a first time TEN participant, I was unsure what the experience would hold. I attended a trip to Nepal without a predetermined focus. A love of travel and a willingness to submerge myself in the cultural diversities of a remote land were fuel to feed my desire to visit such a unique place. Seeing the majestic Himalayas and observing how religion permeates the society were inspiring. One cannnot leave such an experience untouched by the scenery, by the people, and by the history that flavor Nepal. Opening a window of opportunity to this possibility was a gift that will feed my spirit for years to come."   -Barb Galgon, Nepal '96

Focus on being a good world neighbor:

“Enclosed please find the original and 8 copies of the book given to us by the school children of Ecuador. --The glow of the trip remains.”   Martin. Miller, Esq.

After climbing Island Peak, near Everest (his 6th trip with TEN):
“The TEN Nepal ‘96 expedition will always be one of the highlights of my life.”
Robert Comp, MD

Re - The Everest Disaster
Conversation between TEN Researchers, Drs. Lawrence White, Thomas Mader, and Beck Weathers (Everest survivor) as published in “Opthalmology WORLD NEWS”:
“Researchers White and Mader say that for them, Dr. Weathers’ tragedy emphasizes a conclusion they had reached even before the Everest incident occurred. Dr. White said, I think RK is dead for climbers. They should get PRK.”

(The Explorers’ Network contributed to this research during several expeditions between 1982-1996. A reprint of the article available on request)

Follow up to a combined Ecuador, Peru, Galapagos adventure:
“Many thanks for sharing your adventure with me and the others. Looking forward to more.”
Jim Bond  97

Follow up to a Kilimanjaro climb:
“It was wonderful meeting you and your folks on the kili climb. Scott and I felt very fortunate to have been partnered with such an outstanding group. With your climbing experience, medical expertise, pharmaceutical supplies, interesting conversation, and sense of humor we were in good hands. I am very interested in hearing about your upcoming trips.”    Frank Scozzari 97

At the Carnivore Restaurant, Nairobi: “The Zebra and Waterbuck are fantastic”   Rose Choquette MD

Following a MachuPichu / Galapagos adventure:
“Many, many things gained. A Marvelous adventure. New experiences and opportunities for growth.”    Nancy B. 97

A note from “Down Under” (After her third trip with TEN):
“Where are we going this year?"   Roslyn Hiscox, Australia  97

Following South American Adventure-
“Greatest trip of my life -wonderful job of coordinating - things happened just like they were supposed to! Thanks again”  Kathy A. 97

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