2003 Program Index

Nepal - Annapurna / Everest BC / Spring and Fall 03 (options in the works)

Ecuador - Galapagos / Cotapoxi & Chimbo climbs (several options for 2003)

Peru - climbs & treks --Pisco      Inca Trail / Machu Pichu options

Africa - Kili climb / Custom Safaris / Tanzania / Kenya

Bolivia - Climbs of Huayna Potosi / Illimani - Lake Titicaca excursions 

Denali - 2004 plans coming together for Alaska - Contact us for interest   

Are you missing out!
on - Fantastic adventures with real focus (yours)
on - Custom itineraries meeting your dreams
on - “Free” air fare (based on total equiv. trip cost )
on - Additional savings (Pick up your Free “dream kit” on Line)
on - Lasting friendships built on meaningful experiences - year after year
on - Being a better neighbor in corners of a world that’s smaller than we think

-You’ll always wonder unless-

You contribute your thoughts by calling or entering TEN's web "Dream Base"- giving us a chance to find others committed to sharing your dreams . Some group and individual trips will not be listed.

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