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Our mission:

        "To foster the goals and dreams of explorers'                          particularly when they have a focus beyond tourism"

More and more folks every year are coming to the realization that instead of spending a vacation working on a tan, they would rather "ExploreTEN" and invest in an adventure that pays dividends in memories that won't fade.


Is it the people? All long time members of TEN have one thing in common - they all agree that the word "vacation" is synonymous with "opportunity". Opportunity to them, means effectively investing their time in an effort to balance needs such as completing a research project, adopting a school, helping others, climbing a peak, understanding a culture better, or supporting others with a focus.

Friendships grow when we work together with common goals. Your voluntary efforts combined with sponsors' commitments have kept costs much lower than profit oriented organizations. Members keep coming back because they feel the time spent with TEN is more rewarding than other alternatives eventhough many TEN members can afford the most expensive alternatives.

Each member has the flexibility and opportunity to channel their own energies. You may want to focus on the culture, on research, on medicine, participate in a school project, or something else.

Ecuador school kids. We love to bring on these smilesIs it the Focus? TEN does not pretend to, nor does it desire to have a sole focus on philanthropic ends, but most of us do share a longing to contribute something of value during the course of our travels. That something comes in as many forms as the diversity we encounter along the way. That focus has clearly become part of the reason most TEN members come back.

The objectives depend on you. This year we will continue high altitude medical research, perform spay and neuter operations in Galapagos, set an example by helping to cleanup several environs where we travel and adopt more schools. There will be other goals too. You may have one in mind.

Is it the flexibility? TEN Expeditions are popular. This keeps your cost down but also adds flexibility by letting us divide larger groups into smaller segments with separate itineraries. This allows members with different objectives a chance to more fully explore their own reasons for going.

Roughly 70% of our folks come back. Many have committed themselves to TEN trips solely based on an initial interview and a friend's recommendation.

Is it the price? Compare for yourself. We think you'll find that the total cost of your TEN Trip, which usually includes round trip air fares, incidentals like park fees, itineraries customized to reach your dreams, and the level of quality you specify, will cost you less than the "Land Cost" of other canned trips you may consider. (Have you ever considered what it costs to send thousands of flashy mailings?) Many companies and institutions including the Government have supported the TEN effort over the last 15 years.

The non-profit, shared success orientation of TEN keeps costs down and naturally finds those with neighborly intentions.

If you're interested in why folks keep coming back year after year, give us a call or visit our online form. We'd like to put you in touch with someone in your area so you can explore the possibilities for yourself.

A million thanks to those of you who have volunteered to be trip focal points this year!

Our energy grows with your focus beyond tourism; your energy to think of a vacation as an investment; your desire to make travel more than tourism; your willingness to express a dream; your time to write ExploreTEN@aol.com or call.

Action starts with a shared dream. If you are even entertaining the thought of adventuresome travel, you owe it to yourself to "ExploreTEN". Remember TEN is different! The speed at which dreams take form depends on the collective energies of those sharing similar dreams. Our mission is to give you the confidence to share your thoughts, so we can link you with others that are committed to seeing similar "seeds" grow and blossom. When your friends register their travel dreams you will have a better chance of attaining your own. Even though they may have very different travel objectives, every time TEN helps make one of their trips happen, you get credit toward your own.

The fact that you visited this website means that we believe you have a travel interest which may extend beyond tourism. A simple toll free call can either help us to define that interest or save you the trouble of receiving another letter. Evenings are best by phone, since we volunteer our time, or reach us directly by fax, email, or on this web page. The sooner we hear from you the sooner you can expect to see your dreams become reality.

“Where’s the Credibility”, you say? We would be happy to put you in touch with some outstanding people, maybe someone you've heard of and would like to know better. Of the 70% that keep coming back year after year, you could talk to many who have been down other roads but you won't find one that gives you a reason not to try this one.

I'll bet on it.

Frank Gibney,
Net Center

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