All "TEN" trips begin         with your ideas!

So let us know what they are______

Ask us what happens when you get your friends to do the same.

(If your browser can't handle forms, please send email to using "Dream Base" in your subject.

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Email addressFax I represent a group

Evening Phone(best) / Day Phone (A conversation is very helpful in understanding your needs)


Snail mail address



How or where did you hear about TEN? (Most get involved when they talk to someone who has been before)

Your travel interests beyond tourism (Would you support neighborly efforts in conjunction with adventures? )

Please tell us where you have been and what most interests you about going there

What are your 5 most important aspects of traveling? Other comments?

What countries are your dreams likely to take you to during the next three years 

Indicate to us your "level" of interest in:  (low 1-5 high) (two numbers for his/her)

Exploring beyond tourism Taking an active role in Sharing your excitement
Jungle / Forest / River Climbing / trekking / High Alt. Safaris / Galapagos
Custom family adventure Wilderness Med. / Research Physical challenge
Best value / Real savings Indigenous peoples / culture Equipment discounts
Ultra service custom trip Sponsoring your own trip 4oz survival shelter

Thanks for investing this time. Chances are - If you commit to a first trip with TEN,  it most likely won't be your last.


Frank Gibney
The Explorers' Network

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