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June 14-28 2003:  several may want to stay through the July 4th weekend


A fantastic high altitude experience!

Why climb 14ers when you can experience 20,000' for the same cost?

Ecuador's major summits (Cotapaxi and Chimborazo) are far more scenic and considerably more challenging than the Mexican volcanoes. This is the perfect opportunity for someone who wants to learn serious mountaineering skills, experience the high altitude and accomplish objectives well worth doing.

A number of  custom designed, one and two week trips are developed each year.   Climbing programs include, experienced based, alpine training combined with high-altitude experience. Climbs are focused on three outstanding  peaks, 18,997' Cayambe, 19,348' Cotopaxi, and 20,703' Chimborazo. We design every experience around your needs adjusting the level of training for your needs.

If you are traveling with others who are less summit driven, we often organize parallel trips for them as well, coordinating rendezvous points where you can link back up to experience other adventures following the climb.

Dining by fire side, hut style, sharing mountain stories, dreams, a dart game, and a song in almost any language is possible. The night after--Plenty of delicious opportunities are yours to explore. Enjoy white table cloths, fine service, and a walk in an old Hacienda courtyard flanked by fountains and beautiful flowers. You may only want to bring snack food for the trail.

Nightly stays cover all possibilities from Mountain hut to a Three Star jungle hotel, Quito bed and breakfast to ship board berth.

Cayambe, Ecuador's third highest peak, has wonderful  glaciers that provide both challenge for all climbers.   Climbers on all summit ascents must leave well before dawn to make it to the top and back again in a day.  An easy glacier climb takes you to a saddle prior to ascending the 35-degree slopes to the crater. A beautiful, straight forward climb takes you above the clouds to the summit.

Cotopaxi is the world's highest active volcano.  The climb to the summit begins in darkness from the hut. Soon you will be ascending  30- to 35-degree snow and ice ramps to reach a 17,000' glacial platform at dawn. The remaining 2,000' to the top tests climbers' technical skills and your newly acquired ability to deal with the altitude. You must belay across snow bridges, skirt crevasses and then ascend the 40-degree slopes of Cotapaxi's upper glacier. At the summit you may have outstanding views of  Cotapaxi's 1,000' deep crater and many surrounding major peaks.

Chimborazo is a third option.  Ecuador's highest peak is a massive, dormant volcano, rising nearly 11,000' above Ecuador's central valley. Far more challenging than most volcanic summits, Chimborazo is more complex and requires careful application of skills demonstrated on earlier peaks.

The Oltovollo markets, Rio Napo jungle canoe excursions, and Galapagos all offer fantastic follow-on adventures

Contact us for one of the most diverse and fantastic experiences of your life.   *depending on time of booking

follow-on adventures to the Jungle and Galapagos

tortoise.gif (21298 bytes)This can be a Trip of Trips; Lush greens, arid highlands, Llamas, pure frozen glaciers, tropical treks, and or beautiful climbs followed by, at your option, a cruise down a labyrinth of Amazon tributaries rising like the tide with nightly downpours, a jungle nature walk, lunch on the river bank, panning for gold and more. The Galapagos Islands Option will offer a rare opportunity to shadow Darwin and help you arrive at you’re own conclusions. Each day is designed to meet your desired level of physical challenge. This is literally an open trip for all abilities.

This summary is short, however we know it won’t take us long to design a great expedition for you

The cost depends on your itinerary design. We’ll explore the possibilities when you call. What we will say is that your total cost with Air included will probably be less than what others charge for your land cost alone.

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