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Re - The Everest Disaster
Conversation between TEN Researchers, Drs. Lawrence White, Thomas Mader, and Beck Weathers (Everest survivor) as published in “Opthalmology WORLD NEWS”:
“Researchers White and Mader say that for them, Dr. Weathers’ tragedy emphasizes a conclusion they had reached even before the Everest incident occurred. Dr. White said, I think RK is dead for climbers. They should get PRK.”

(The Explorers’ Network contributed to this research during several expeditions between 1982-1998. A reprint of the article available on request)

Words from a World Class Mountaineer and High Altitude Medical Researcher

“Your talents for organizing travel and your experience with medical problems and altitude research are unusual skills which should be valuable to many groups going to the third world”

        Charles S. Houston, MD

After climbing Island Peak, near Everest (his 6th trip with TEN):
“The TEN Nepal ‘96 expedition will always be one of the highlights of my life.”
Robert Comp, MD Bob's been on two additional expeditions since.

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