Kilimanjaro, Oct. 4-21, 2002                                      Exciting news - another Africa trip is in the works this year


Kilimanjaro, 1997 -- all successfulCongratulations to all for successfully climbing Kilimanjaro on past trips.

This year’s Safari will build on prior experience in the region. We will experience a wonderful array of lodging and dining experiences, some in the true Hemingway tradition. Our incredible team of Guides will lead us on an experience of a lifetime. They seem to have a sixth sense about them which keys us to experience Africa to it’s fullest.

The Ngorongoro forms the centerpiece of the Safari experience. World renown for supporting incredible diversity, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. In TEN tradition we will maintain a flexible itinerary by visiting other parks and reserves in a way which best responds to regional conditions and weather patterns.

The expedition will support one of two options, during the middle 5 days, a climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro or a mecca in pursuit of Zanzibar Island’s vast riches. The dry season should be perfect for the climb. Zanzibar’s incredible history, diversity, and imagination provoking setting will stir the dreamer in everyone.

These options will accommodate both climbers and explorers and allow those with different objectives to have it all on the same trip together.

After climbing and exploring Zanzibar both parties will fly to the Massi Mara Plain where we will all rendezvous. Next to the Sarrengetti, our final Safari outpost will take in the simple wonders of the “Out of Africa” camp.

Abundant wildlife in the Ngorongoro CraterWalking Safaris have proven to add real adventure to the experience. Wonderful opportunities exist to seek out the big game. This last season we had Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra, Warthog, Leopard, Lions, and Rhino all very close to camp. Excited? We can put you in touch with any one on last year’s expedition and help you put your own spin on this year’s adventure.


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