wpe1.jpg (7019 bytes)Bolivia                 03' Departures to accommodate group needs

Bolivia offers fantastic off the beaten path opportunities. We have adopted several schools located along our approach paths to several beautiful Andean peaks, many of which are above 20,000'.  Many folks, not climbing, just enjoy accompanying their mountaineering friends for the treks to the high camps. 

Between climbs, outstanding cultural opportunities are experienced in LaPaz and the surrounding highland.  Lake Titicaca is by itself an incredible expedition.  Visit the islands where the actual builders of the replicated Kontiki still practice reed boat building.

Mountain Bike expeditions are popular and arranged for bike clubs around the US.  The challenges and rewards are limitless. 

Treasure hunting is always exciting at the Witches Market and the surrounding area.

Food is outstanding.  Apply now and mention Bolivia in your reply.

Don't delay in registering your interest in these unique opportunities. 

Trips will be designed based on the individual desires of those traveling.

Schedules will be arrange to suit your needs.

We have over ten years of experience in Bolivia. Many years were centered on high altitude medical research at the highest lift service ski area in the world.  We have climbed many of the more prominent peaks there and will be going back their soon.

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