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Wouldn't it be great to have friends who love to explore, who share your focus beyond tourism and have the time and resources to join you in exciting corners of the world. For most that's a dream in itself -- but, at The Explorers' Network it's our mission to make that link.  If others already follow your lead special opportunities are available if your focus supports goals beyond tourism.

Take an exciting step. Invest a minute to completely fill out the on line application.  This is your chance to put your "vacation" in a whole new light, a chance to grow, and an opportunity to invest some time rather than spend it.

The Explorers' Network (TEN) was founded  in 1982 for the purpose of supporting several medical doctors' desire to conduct High Altitude Research. Today, TEN supports all members focused travel interests. Individual expeditions (trips with focus) emerge, when we develop travel plans based on your dreams. Separate, but parallel itineraries are developed within every trip when needed to support the individual desires of  other members, friends, and family. A keen emphasis is placed on actions which are helpful to sustain the culture and the environment. Beyond “Eco-tourism” at TEN we look for ways to foster neighborly ties which are often ignored by others.

TEN feels this philosophy is simply what makes friends out of people and neighbors out of those who we share the rest of the planet with. Climbing, is never the sole focus of an expedition, non-climbing and other varied options are integrated into all trips for those less summit driven. All expeditions offer members real opportunities to get involved. Your involvement can significantly lower the cost of a trip which is already reported to be the best value anywhere.

Why The Explorers' Network?

More than 70% of recent TEN members sign up for multiple expeditions. The reasons are simple:

•People you like •Shared successes
•Exciting destinations •Unbeatable experience
•Flexible itineraries •Credit for your efforts
•Common objectives •Breaks from Uncle Sam
•Emergent leadership •Incredibly low cost

"I like the high degree of personal involvement, accomplishments beyond climbing, the friends we make, and the low cost."     Greg Glade, Adventurous Traveler's Book Store      more like this

Before asking for more information ask yourself a couple of questions.

Am I willing to share a few thoughts by first applying?  Risk - I might go and be part of the 70% that come back.

Am I willing to participate in, or better yet, contribute to a few activities that would foster better neighbors?

TEN's non-profit objectives are interested in what its members want to accomplish. We are looking for those excited about sharing their dreams and their positive ideas rather than supporting those in pursuit of an inexpensive way to travel.

Three ways to ExploreTEN ---and Unlock a lifetime of potential.

#1) Fill out the on line application completely

Your objectives create the foundation for your next trip. 

When the complimentary objectives of others match yours, we develop an "expedition"

TEN has no “canned” or mass marketed trips. (companies focused on your $ do) 

This is why we are interested in knowing as much as possible about your travel dreams so we can do our best to make them your best.

#2)  Send your "reply"

#3) Call 1 800 949 8836  Leave a message if no volunteers are available. Evenings are best

Remember TEN is a new concept.

The action starts when we can respond to your dreams.

Apply now (No cost at this time)  When accepted you will be able to take advantage of member discounts, be eligible to earn trip credit and start taking stock in the fact that your own focus beyond tourism sets you apart from others. But then -- you could bring them along too.


Frank Gibney
The Explorers' Network,  1147 Sunset View Dr., Colchester, Vermont, USA

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